Central Missouri Regional

April 2-5, 2020 | Sedalia, Missouri

2020 Season

Dear Parents, Sponsors, and Cyberhound community:

FIRST Robotics made the difficult decision to cancel all competitions for the rest of the season. However, the Cyberhounds will not let this dampen our resolve. Our commitment to completing the robot has not wavered. We have a robot to build, and build it we will.

We are seeking opportunities to show off our finished product throughout the area. The robot will be available for events after Easter weekend. We would especially like to show our sponsors the result of our hard work and all that has been accomplished.

If you are interested in having us come for a visit, please contact Shalisse Johnstun at [email protected]. We will shortly add Tour Events on our website.

We are grateful for all the support you’ve given us. We will continue to make our community proud, and show off your great support!

The Cyberhounds
Team 7141


2019 Build Season Recap

What we accomplished in 6 weeks


Week One

Building Drive Train
Building Drive Train

Week Two & Three

Building the Cargo Claw
Building the Cargo Claw

Week Three & Four

Building the Hatch Panel Arm
Building the Hatch Panel Arm

Week Four & Five

Polishing Up
Polishing Up

Week Five & Six

Testing & Finishing Touches
Testing & Finishing Touches

Week Six


Thank you to our sponsors for making this season possible!

Want to join these local businesses?

Our team sponsors and mentors help keep us alive. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to fund our program or use their expertise to build our robot. Please consider joining them to help your local high school robotics team members.

In The News

Issue 2

  Team Update  The team has continued to work very hard on the robot. So far, we have completed the base, the coding, and the wiring. We are continuing to work on the intake, storage, and shooting, the control panel wheel, and the hanging mechanism. Here are some progress pictures:...

Issue 1

Thank you! To start off this issue, we would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters. This wouldn't be possible without all of you. A big thank you to our aluminum sponsors:  Carol & Troy Ross, from our local school board, Dianne Hope, from our local school board, Lee County Bank, Pilot...

IFC boosts “Cyberhounds” robotics efforts

WEVER – Iowa Fertilizer Company recently donated $2,500 to support the Fort Madison High School “Cyberhounds” robotics team. The donation will help the team travel to area competition events and with additional improvements of the robot the team has been developing. “Iowa Fertilizer Company is...

Cyberhounds pitch robotics to local industry leaders

FORT MADISON – Not only are they learning how to use new technology to build robots, but they’re learning the basics of marketing in the process. The Fort Madison Cyberhounds, a group of students from Fort Madison High School and Holy Trinity Catholic, did some marketing under the leadership of...

Test Kitchen growth comes from programming

Originally Published by the Pen City Current on September 8th, 2018. Written by Chuck Vandenburg. FORT MADISON – Rolling over four years of helping local students with specialized studies and exposing them to culinary arts, the Elliott Test Kitchen is seeing growth beyond founder Kumar...

FMHS robotics team seeks local support to compete in mystery sport

The gears never stop rolling in the robotics club. The Fort Madison High School’s robotics club is preparing for the “FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).” This will be FMHS’ first time participating in the global competition. The goal of the competition is to build a 120 lb. robot that will compete...

CyberHounds taking robotics to next level

FORT MADISON – They’ve been tinkering for the past couple years with miniature robotics, but a group of CyberHounds at Fort Madison High School are taking things to a whole new level. A group of about 23 students in the CyberHound Club at F.M.H.S. are shooting for the S.T.E.M. (Science,...

Deep Space

Watch our reveal of our 2019 Season, Destination: Deep Space, Robot, Gemini!

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